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KiddOTherapy childrens OT blacktown

Paediatric Occupational Therapy

Together we are "Growing Possibilities"

Our OT Services

Paediatric occupational therapist blacktown

Together, you and your Occupational Therapist will set individualised goals and form a treatment plan that suits you.

therapy with Paediatric occupational therapist blacktown

KiddOTherapist's use play to engage children and encourage participation while working on goals.

We believe in making your child's occupational therapy session fun and engaging. 

OT equipment Blacktown

Assistive Technology (as known as specialised equipment) can help increase independence, manage fatigue, reduce risks, support pressure care and provide access to the community.

school readiness OT near me Blacktown

To ease the introduction of school, KiddOTherapy OT Program offers a school readiness program targeting multiple areas including social skills, attention, multitasking, engagement, prewriting and fine motor skills.

early intervention help by Paediatric occupational therapist blacktown near me

Early intervention is so important for young children. It helps develop skills, improve function and narrows the gap between them and their peers.

Paediatric occupational therapist blacktown handwriting support

If your child is having difficulties with handwriting.

 Our Occupational Therapists can support your child to help improve their handwriting skills.

KiddOTherapy paediatric occupational therapy Blacktown

Our Kiddo kids are extraordinary
and are supported in every growing possibility

About KiddOTherapy

KiddOTherapy is dedicated to supporting children and families make a positive change in their lives and work towards goals. We believe in inclusion for everyone, and know that working together will not only introduce change, but it will open up the world to growing possibilities!


KiddOTherapy is a private Occupational Therapy practice for children aged 0-12 years old. KiddOTherapy provides support to children diagnosed with a physical disability, genetic conditions, chromosome disorders, post injury or surgery rehabilitation, ASD, sensory processing difficulties, equipment prescription, developmental delay, handwriting skills, school readiness, play and activities of daily living.

Long term goals and immediate needs are addressed through consultation and regular therapy  with your KiddOTherapist.

Kids in Preschool

"Why fit in when you were born to stand out?"

— Dr Seuss

What Is OT?

Paediatric occupational therapy aims to path a brighter future for children.


We support children as they learn new skills or we find new ways to do things, we provide education to families to make daily life a little easier and we do all this while we are having fun! 

KiddOTherapy OTs, work closely with children and their families to set goals that are meaningful and provide therapy and support to work towards achievement.  

KiddOTherapy paediatric occupational therapy Blacktown

Physical & Sensory Support

KiddOTherapy supports Development of gross motor, fine motor, sensory processing, regulation, cognition, and social skills within your child.

KiddOTherapy paediatric occupational therapy Blacktown

Play as an Occupation 

All Kiddo's are unique. Sometimes due to diagnosis, injury, or a difference in learning, children may require additional support to  play, learn and socialise.  

KiddOTherapy paediatric occupational therapy Blacktown

Your Child's Environment

KiddOTherapy OTs can help you create a more inviting and safe environment by prescribing supportive equipment, or adjust the sensory surrounds. 

KiddOTherapy paediatric occupational therapy Blacktown

Occupational Therapy Outcomes

We  aim to help children develop skills to play, learn and interact socially, increase their own emotional well being and empower individuals! 

At KiddOTherapy we have a long history of working with children both in the acute settings and the community.


We believe in the power of teamwork and therefore we often collaborate with other health professionals, liaise with medical teams and consult with schools to ensure your children are receiving the best possible care.


We are passionate about inclusion and providing the best opportunity  your for children to grow endless possibilities.

Useful Information About Occupational Therapy

We are registered
NDIS Occupational Therapists

Occupational therapy is a vital health service that helps people of all ages to live their best lives. We work with children who have a wide range of needs, from those with physical disabilities to those with mental health issues.


Occupational therapy is about more than just helping people to live independently – it’s about helping people to achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

We are a registered NDIS provider, which means that we can offer our services to eligible participants. 

How to apply for NDIS funding

Blacktown OT registered for NDIS
Registered Provider NDIS OT Blacktown
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