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Paediatric occupational therapist blacktown handwriting support

Hand Writing

Pencil control, letter formation, line and spatial awareness 

Handwriting Support for Your Child

There are many body systems that work simultaneously to perform the task of handwriting.

If your child is having difficulties with handwriting, KiddOTherapy can support the following areas to improve their handwriting skills:

• Fine motor

• Visual motor/visual perception

• Motor control

• Executive function

• Cognition / problem solving

• Sensory motor

• Self-regulation

• Multitasking

• Flexible thinking

• Postural control

• Shoulder stability

• Upper body strength

childrens occupational therapist blacktown handwriting support

Weekly or fortnightly occupational therapy sessions are offered to support handwriting.

Sessions run for approximately 50 mins

OT to support Handwriting is completed at our clinic in Kings Langley.


If handwriting is an ongoing issue in primary school we can arrange to visit school to offer advice within the learning environment 

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