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Assessment & Evaluation

Let's start at the very beginning....

A is for Assessment

Comprehensive Occupational Therapy Assessment and Evaluation Report

A Comprehensive Occupational Therapy Assessment and Evaluation is performed to identify areas that your child may have difficulties. KiddOTherapist's may use a combination of standardised assessments, screening tools and observations across one or two sessions.


Once an assessment has been completed your KiddOTherapist will provide you with a formal report. You will have an opportunity to discuss the results including recommendations with your OT.


Together, you and your OT will set individualised goals and form a treatment plan that suits you. These goals are prioritised according to the importance to your child and family and will direct the flow of therapy.

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2 hour Sessions

Assessments are completed face to face in our Kings Langley clinic.


Your OT will also ask you to complete online forms and  questionnaires prior to arrival.  This provides a comprehensive understanding of your child and help us identify target areas for treatment

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