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Equipment Prescription children's occupational therapist sydney

Equipment Prescription

Increasing Independence and Safety 

Occupational Therapy Equipment & Support

Assistive Technology can transform lives.


Assistive Technology (as known as specialised equipment) can help increase independence, manage fatigue, reduce risks, support pressure care and provide access to the community.


Assistive Technology prescription can be performed by your KiddOTherapist and begins with a formal evaluation and assessment. During assessment we examine your child's range of motion, joint flexibility, muscle length and skeletal alignment, skin integrity, pressure concerns, mobility, function, cognition and safety. This information will guide appropriate equipment options.


Once you have found the best fit for your child and family, your occupational therapist will complete the necessary reports for NDIA approval.

Equipment Prescription children's occupational therapist sydney
Completed over a number of sessions

 Assistive Technology that

KiddOTherapy can prescribe:

• Manual wheelchairs

• Power wheelchairs

• Specialised prams, strollers and buggies

• Specialised seating systems for indoor use

• Transfer equipment such as hoist and slings

• Commodes for toileting and hygiene 

• Shower and bath equipment

• Sleep systems

• Wheelchair accessible vehicle modifications

• Pressure care equipment

• Low cost consumables to assist daily living

Assistive Technology Prescription is completed over a number of sessions.

Your OT will discuss how many hours will be required to complete the process

AT prescription is completed in the child's natural environment.

This is to ensure that the equipment meets the environmental set up of the home, daycare or school. 

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